Make a Theme Wedding Perfect

Weddings are a symbol of tradition and that symbol has lasted the test of time. However, in the last little while, weddings have become more theme oriented. This era has ushered in a new look and feel to the way a wedding can be presented. Wedding planners encourage themes for your wedding because it allows you to personalize your celebration the best way you know how. Themes are introduced by having something consistent with the wedding ceremony and celebration.Some wedding themes include using a special colour that allows you to coordinate your wedding with your favourite colours. It is best to use no more than 2 colours and the colours you do use should represent what you like. If your favourite colour is blue, for example, then a good way to compliment that is with a brown, or a white, or a pink tone. Remember not to get too carried away as you coordinate your wedding theme because at the end of the day, it is your wedding, and you need to make it look as elegant as possible. Another theme based wedding is to have the bride’s maids, ushers and groom attire colour coordinate with the colours of the wedding celebration. This theme allows unifying the bridal party and creating a theme that is totally custom based on the bride and groom.Another wedding theme you can do is to coordinate all of your wedding accessories according to colour, shape, size or whatever else you decide to do. If you decide to have a wedding theme using the colours, blue and brown, a good way to keep a consistent theme across the board is to have the wedding favours, blue and brown, to have the centerpiece flowers coloured, blue and brown. Another accessory is possibly have a wedding menu given to each guest, and has that to be blue and brown as well. A final piece to colour coordinating a wedding accessory is to make the wedding cake, wedding invitations and banquet hall all coordinated with the same colours. Wedding planners are starting to use this as the trend they recommend to the bride and groom and a lot of the newlyweds are accepting this thus making it the norm for today’s weddings.So in conclusion, a wedding has not lost its elegance, simplicity and purity in retrospect to what it is represents, however, with so many new ideas and wedding planners making this a profession, wedding have now taken on a new look to the way it is presented. It is now allowed and accepted to be personalized according to the bride and groom and the best way to do that is to use colours. It is best to use your own favourite colours and coordinate everything from there, wedding invitations, wedding cake, wedding favours just to name a few. So go ahead, personalize your wedding, you will make it more memorable, more enjoyable because your most memorable moment was made your way

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