Is Internet Marketing a Farce? Is Medicine School a Farce?

The first concern that many people I interact with have about being an internet marketer is if it even is a real job, let alone one that can even earn an income. Money people find it hard to believe that even earning a few dollars off the Internet is possible.Do Doctors and Internet Marketers get paid?Yes they do because they accomplish tasks (heal the sick) that others are willing to pay for. In the same vein internet marketers are also paid because they are accomplishing tasks that other individuals and web based companies find value in.There might probably be an alcoholic doctor out there who sits at home on his ass all day not doing anything; he probably doesn’t get paid since he is not accomplishing the tasks he is expected to do.In the same way do not expect to be paid if you are in internet marketing but are not really doing much, doing the right things or not adding any value to any other individual or web based company.Are there Doctors and Internet Marketers that get paid millions? Yes there are. If you do a search on the Internet you will find many news articles, postings and instances from various sources of doctors, as well as internet marketers making millions.The point to keep in mind is that not every doctor out there is a millionaire. Some doctors might still be on minimum wage or running money losing operations on their own somewhere in the world. So just because you do internet marketing it does not mean that you are going to become a millionaire eventually.However if you did do the right things as a doctor or internet marketer then the possibility of becoming rich is very real. Not a certainty but something at least conceivable.There are world renowned medical specialists out there making millions and just like that there are internet marketers who have excelled in their respective niches and raking in the bucks. In medicine they tend to be called specialists while in the internet marketing world they are sometimes called internet gurus. These guys are typically highly proficient in using the right internet marketing tools for right kind of product.Do bear in mind as well that just like in the real world, every person that claims to be a guru (internet marketing guru in this case) might not really be one and may in fact be a newbie himself. Haven’t you heard of quack doctors?Do you have to work hard to become a doctor? Or internet marketer? Absolutely YES! Doctors literally mug continuously for 10-15 hours a day for close to 5-8 years on average before they can even start to practice. My extended family does have a few doctors, so I know first hand.I distinctly remember a cousin mugging at a library and not even being able to turn up for Thanksgiving and our Xmas eve dinner while preparing for the exams. The family actually visited him there to say hello! Another nephew was popping pills just to stay awake to finish studying the syllables.Passing exams is not the end of it, the first few years as a practicing doctor can involve several 24-hour ER shifts in a week and periodic examinations thrown in as well.The truth of the matter is internet marketing can make you money if you work hard at it. It is indeed not a scam per se but there are many programs out there that over promise and under deliver. Beware of “make a million dollars in 3 days” type of affiliate marketing schemes that don’t sound realistic.

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