Looking For an Example of Alternative Medicine?

There is a lot about alternative medicine that the general public doesn’t know. Skeptics argue about its effectiveness, and write it off as “voodoo” or New Age garbage. What those same skeptics don’t know or won’t admit is that alternative medicine was once the only form of medicine, and was practiced for centuries throughout the world. The ancient Romans may not have had Penicillin, but they were able to treat infection with herbal remedies and nutritional supplements, which are both common examples of alternative medicine. Many treatments that are considered alternative today were once modern and traditional forms of medicine for many cultures.A Well-Known Example of Alternative MedicineA common example of alternative treatment is aromatherapy. Many people think aromatherapy is as simple as being around something that smells good, yet these days aromatherapy techniques are taught in medical schools in France. Aromatherapists believe that our health is directly related to our five senses, and the sense of smell emphasizes healing. Aromatherapy, as an example of alternative medicine, uses 100% pure essential oils derived from nature. It is believed that when inhaled, these oils help reduce our stress level and allow us to relax. Aromatherapy also works as an antiseptic that can help get rid of air born viruses and bacteria, and as a way to treat or eliminate sexual dysfunction or interest. It can also be used for fatigue, as it can be very energizing. Aromatherapy originated thousands of years ago in ancient India and Egypt.Another Example of Alternative MedicineAnimal-Assisted Therapy is also an example of alternative treatments. Once written off as a nice way to pass the time, but not very beneficial to clients with physical or emotional ailments, AAT has since been verified by top medical researchers who have proven that interacting with a loving, non-judgmental animal such as a dog, cat, or horse can lower a person’s blood pressure, help ease pain, anxiety, and depression, and can help calm acute psychiatric clients. AAT has also been proven to decrease the loneliness of elderly patients and help improve the self-esteem of patients.AAT is an example of alternative medicine that is very quickly gaining acceptance. It is commonly used with delinquent and autistic children, and therapy horses are specially trained with an emphasis on being gentle and affectionate. AAT with therapy horses can assist Autistic children with learning to interact and trust the horse, as well as help decrease extra-kinetic movements like rocking, striking out towards others, and head-banging. As for delinquent children placed in a ranch-type group home, they learn to care for the animal by feeding it, cleaning the stall, and developing determination, focus, and concentration through riding lessons. This example of alternative medicine teaches children who were once considered delinquent to learn responsibility, trust, and confidence.It would be possible to list example after example of alternative medicine, including acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal remedies. What was once considered old is making a comeback in today’s world.

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